Tuesday, August 25, 2009

64% Say CD Baby STILL Sucks!

I'll be the first to admit that 64% of 17 votes in one of my latest polls hardly counts as any sort of scientific evidence, but that is the figure you came up with. Five and a half weeks into the "re-launch" voters on this blog are saying "CD Baby STILL Sucks!" Oh, well. . .


  1. Looking at the CD Baby facebook page, it appears the problems remain widespread. There's even some issues not noted previously on other forums.

    Pony, where are you? How long is our friend CD Baby going to be in this state?

  2. CD Baby blows. They have abandoned the affiliate program and don't respond to e-mails.

  3. Dear CD Baby, KAZAMOZE here. 
    We’ve had to call numerous times (average wait time 90 minutes) and our product is still not where it should be after literally months of time.  Yesterday’s phone call was to get our individual songs listed as available, and it finally showed up! 
    But wait --- this morning we received an email to confirm digital distribution (which is the third time we’ve been asked to do this).   So, we confirmed earlier this morning, and now we see on our site and the individual songs are NOT AVAILABLE anymore.   
    Please look at our file and fix whatever needs to be fixed so that:
    ü  Our Kazamoze album is available in hard copy, and MP3
    ü  The individual songs are available
    ü  Itunes and other digital distribution outlets are carrying our product
    We would really appreciate some follow-up, so we don’t have to call once again.

  4. One look at the message board at and it's clear things are not getting much better.

  5. what gives here a million dollar company and all this time later they still cant get their act stupid can it get

    1. I've been a CD baby member for many years. It was fairly new when I signed up. But since Derrick sold the company, I've been dealing with disappointment after disappointment.
      The first big issue was when I Opted into their sync licensing program through Rumblefish. Seemed like a cool feature and thought I had nothing to lose. But they didn't really explain it well in my opinion. All of the sudden I got shared content warnings on some of my 25 You-Tube videos and they started posted commercials on my videos. If I would have known that I never would have Opted in! I was offered a partnership from You-Tube and passed on it for the same reason. I hate going to watch any video and have to sit through commercials! So I sure the hell don't want commercials on my videos.
      Anyway, Opting into the program was as simple as checking a few boxes. But Opting out was very time consuming and a pain in the as_.

      I have 5 CDs listed with CD baby. Now this morning I got an email from them notifying me that I'm over stocked on one of my CD's. Mind you there are only 4 CD's in stock. Once upon a time you were aloud to send them 5 or more CD's for stock. And if you run out they hound you to send more immediately! So I've already paid to send them. Now they want me to pay to return 3 of the CD's (with my credit card) or they say they will be recycled! (trashed) WTF???? Then when they run out I have to pay to send them more!!!!

      I also have been having my music pressed by Disc Makers since 1995. Mind you they now own CD Baby.
      They were once a great company to work with too. But I had major problems with them on the last two CDs and will not use their services again. Also, I referred them to a band that recorded in my studio like I always did. The singer told me that the sales guy was very pushy and was trying to get him to spend money on features that he did not want and said the guy wouldn't let up on it.
      Time to find some new independent companies that know how to treat their people.
      CD Baby now Sucks!!!

  6. CD Baby does suck now, used to be great, but sucks now. True. Also tried MondoTunes, which is worse. MondoTunes sucks too. Dunno about the others, but the field is wide open for a newbie with the right stuff.